The Kobido Ritual & Guasha Flow (70 min) €65 

Respecful and delicate facial with the skin. The Kobido massage stimulates the production of collagen, has a great lifting effect, activates the energy of the face and provides luminosity.

With Guasha flow it detoxifies, reduces fluid retention in bags, facial oval and chin. A very complete massage that balances, softens, calms and repair the most stresed skin. an elixir for the health of your skin.

Includes: Double Japanese cleansing, exfoliation, hydratation and nutrition of the skin with high selected organic japanese cosmetics

Muri Shinai Japanese Wellness Ritual  (90 min) €90

Muri Shinai Japanese wellness ritual consisting in a full body massage and a Kobido facial massage
We start the ritual with a relaxing leg and back massage, using a synergy of essential oils that represent the 5 elements of nature: fire (火, huǒ), water (水, shǔi), wood (木, mù), metal (金, jīn) and earth (土, tǔ) mixed with bamboo oil, we will use bamboo sticks in the leg massage to drain toxins and activate blood circulation.
Turning around, we start the facial with a rice powder scrub and the Kobido facial massage with a mixture of essential oils with a lifting effect, while the lotus flower mask acts on your face and you get the massage from the front. We finished with Shashimi serum and cream from Utsukusy cosmetics.